We had been asked the question several times, but it wasn’t until we were walking from Glenorney by the Sea B&B to Raglan Road Pub in Tramore, County Waterford in September, 2017 that we finally decided to answer Yes.

Our visit to County Waterford meant that (over the course of 10 trips) we had now visited every county in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. Our business colleagues in Ireland said that made us “honorary Irish.”

So, as we recalled the many times we’d been asked for Ireland travel suggestions, followed by, “Do you guys have a blog?” we thought maybe it’s time. After all, many of the interesting things we’ve found while traveling we discovered from the various wonderful blogs we follow?

It’s taken a year from our initial, “Let’s do this!” until now when we’re introducing An Adventure Shared.


We aren’t professional trip planners or travel bloggers, but we’ll try to share stories that might inspire others along with travel tips we’ve discovered the hard way (the first time we climbed Croagh Patrick we entered the name in the GPS and were taken to the wrong side of the mountain!).

Croagh Patrick—the wrong side of the mountain!

We have lots of stories to share about Ireland, England, Wales, Paris, India, Scotland, and the U.S., including some of our favorite “hidden gems” that are worth a visit—if you know where to find them!

For us, anything can be an Adventure so we’ll include things about food, tea, music, and other things we find interesting.

Life is an Adventure—it’s just more fun when it’s An Adventure Shared!