Imagine spending a night in a clearing in the middle of a forest. You have a four-poster bed, a couple of nice chairs, a bathroom and shower, a bottle of wine—even a Nespresso machine! This idyllic setup is covered by a clear bubble dome. Access to your dome is secluded by dense forest and a private gate. When you turn the lights out, it’s pitch dark.

If it sounds both peaceful and otherworldly at the same time, it is, as we discovered when we stayed in a Forest Bubble Dome at Finn Lough Resort ( in August 2018.

Forest Bubble Dome

Our Forest Bubble Dome

Finn Lough Resort is located on the edge of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. We booked and paid for our Forest Bubble Dome online in advance and chose a bottle of wine from the available add-ons.

We arrived at a gate to the complex, were admitted, and parked near the reception building. After checking in, we received an overview of the resort and then were driven in a buggy with our luggage to our dome.

We unlocked our gate and walked to the entrance to the dome, which was a bit like something out of a sci-fi movie. We had to walk through the outer door and make sure it was closed before opening the inner door.

Inside, we have everything we need for a luxurious night in the woods, including a very nice en suite bathroom. And the view—what a view!

Forest Bubble Dome

Our view through the “ceiling”

We fired up the Nespresso machine and relaxed a bit before grabbing the torch (which we were assured we’d need to find our way back after dark) and heading out to explore the rest of the resort.

Since we arrived late in the afternoon—we had toured The Gobbins in the morning (see blog post)—we didn’t have time to take advantage of the numerous activities at the resort. Instead, we walked around for a bit before heading to the “Kitchen” for what turned out to be a delicious, upscale dinner.

After dinner we managed to find the way back to our dome with the aid of the torch.

There are probably two things you hope for when staying in a bubble dome. The first would be a clear, star-filled night. The second would be rain. Given that this is Ireland the clear night is a bit of a long shot.

We got the next best thing as it essentially poured rain all night long—a very cool experience when you’re in the middle of a forest beneath a transparent dome!

Forest Bubble Dome

Forest Bubble Dome…just before the rain

In the morning we packed our bags, left them in the dome and walked back to the Kitchen for a very nice Irish breakfast. After breakfast, our bags were retrieved and our far-too-short stay at Finn Lough was over.

As we’ve stated before, we love finding unique places to stay when we travel, especially when it’s something we’ll remember for a long time—at least, that is, until we return. Because if there’s one thing we decided about Finn Lough it’s that we need to come back and stay two nights next time:)