About Sharon and Stuart

Welcome to Our Blog

Sharon and Stuart Crickmer are married, work together and travel together for work. They love turning travel into an Adventure they can share with each other and with others. For that matter, they love turning most things they do into an Adventure.

There’s a Kate Bush song with the line, “Living in the gap between past and future.” It’s a brilliant way to say enjoy the present, enjoy what’s around you. When asked about her favorite county in Ireland, Sharon always answers, “The one I’m in at the time.”

For work, they create and play games (specifically, game-based financial simulations). They work with students (elementary through college), corporate clients, professional and college athletes, and anyone else interested in learning financial concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Their Adventure into blogging is another way they can share and appreciate their experiences. Like many of their Adventures, there will be wrong turns…and unexpected treasures.

It will undoubtedly be An Adventure Shared!